Organic Herbal Bath Soaks



reNACE Organic Herbal Bath Soaks are packed with essential oils, healing salts, herbal remedies, these Organic Herbal Bath Soaks will turn an average bath into a magical, energy cleansing experience. The benefits of soaking in Mineral Salts, flowers, and essential oils are endless! Not only do they nourish your body from head to toe, but they are used to help ease muscle pain and tension, cleanse your energy from a long week and help you sleep longer.

DIRECTION: Hang the bag under bath faucet or place the bag into the tub half fill with comfortable hot water. Soak for 10 min and enjoy!

RELAX Herbal Bath Soaks
Our Relax mix combines Oats, Natural Mineral Salts, Lavender and Chamomile to sooth and moisturize the skin, and would be perfect to have as a relaxing soak at the end of a long day to promote a fabulous night's sleep.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure and Natural Epsom Salt, Oats*, Chamomile Flowers*, Lavender Flowers*, 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil*.
*Organic Ingredients

RENEW Herbal Bath Soaks
Our RENEW mix contains, natural mineral salts, Hibiscus, Rose, and Calendula for their beautifying properties, as well as their wonderful fragrance.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure and Natural Epsom Salt, 100% Pure and Natural Himalayan Salt, Hibiscus Flowers*, Whole Calendula Flowers*, Dried Rose Buds and Petals Red*, Rose Essential Oil*.
*Organic Ingredients.

REFRESHING Herbal Bath Soaks
This REFRESHING recipe helps relieve pain by reducing inflammation, relaxing tight muscles and lifting your mood. You may also find it's good for relieving headaches.
In addition, if you have a cold the Eucalyptus help clear your stuffy nose and chest congestion.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure and Natural Epsom Salt, 100% Pure and Natural Himalayan Salt, Dried Eucalyptus Leaves*, Eucalyptus and Peppermint Essential Oil*.
*Organic Ingredients

WEIGHT: Each bag / 50 g.

Zero Waste Packaging: All our packaging is biodegradable, recycled and recyclable.
We are doing our best to avoid plastic.
Organic Herbal Bath Soaks are packed in Organic Cotton Muslin Bags and can be reused and recycled.
reNACE wrappers are made with recycled cardboard boxes, unbleached totally chlorine-free parchment paper. All 100% compostable.
Our product labels are also printed on recycled paper !

Also our shipping envelopes are made with recycled paper and zero plastic!! 🌿
Just do your part!
♻️ Recycled, reused, compost.
Together we can make a difference

Handmade in Austin, TX by Latina Sisters
Organic - Vegan - Environmentally Conscious